2014, Aug 3rd
First gig done! Fantastic!

Home again after a fantastic weekend. Our very first live gig with Kings & Dreams!

Despite Dan having a soar throat the concert went well, and we had great support by Tommie's (Peo's brother) band! Great musicians and a very nice staff taking care of us.

Tommie played excellent keyboards and solos, with Fred assisting with additional keys. Mattias played the drums and was just a great professional.
Linus Pettersson took care of the rythm guitars and he has such a great tone and loads of talents!

We brought in our very good friend Simon
Dahlström to play bass. He's just unbelievably good, a solid musician and great to have in the band.

With such professional musicians to rely on the gig was bound to be a success!

The reception was fantastic, largely due to Tommie's band engaging the crowd before and between sets! Husaren was a nice venue to play at, and we might come there again if invited.

After the concert we spoke to fans and friends and signed albums.

Thank you to Showkanalen, Husaren, friends travelling far to see us and all you fans for sharing the evening with us!

God bless!
Dan & Peo

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